Yes, You CAN Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Yes, You CAN Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Ongoing learning is a tremendous part of our Nation United ethos. In addition to our onboarding process, we continue knowledge transfer in-house with different activities, including workshops that are devoted to specific themes. Abdullah, our President, is developing one such event centered on how to step outside our comfort zones for success.

“One of the keys to moving forward is to surrender whatever is keeping us from advancing,” said Abdullah. “In our Nation United office, being brave means taking chances, and letting ourselves be open to new experiences that can expand our knowhow and open more doors.”

Here are just a few ways we can take on a new challenge:

• Create a Support System: It’s always good to know there’s someone in our corner when we’re trying something novel. Whether it’s a coach who’s guiding us or a cheerleader who is there to encourage us (or someone who fills both roles), having people we can count on to be there to help us as we learn and grow makes a big difference in the outcomes.

• Go a Little Further: Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is why we emphasize goals and milestones at Nation United. When we have a target to aim for, we’re more accountable to meeting it. Each step reached inspires us to take the next one.

Moving beyond what is familiar is how we ultimately achieve success. Like us on Facebook for more workshop highlights.