Our Top Connectors Provide E-Networking Etiquette

Our Top Connectors Provide E-Networking Etiquette

The digital age has made e-networking an effective and efficient way to grow a contact list. We especially like the idea of connecting people to others we think they’ll enjoy meeting – and doing so via text, email, or social media. These are some Nation United guidelines we follow when others reach out to us for an e-connect, or when we reach out to them.

First, it’s important to be as specific as possible with digital communication. Without nonverbal cues, it’s easy for messages to be misinterpreted. Also, busy professionals are sure to appreciate the respect this shows for their time – going back and forth repeatedly for clarification through email or text is frustrating.

Another Nation United tip is to provide sample language when someone is willing to write an e-introduction. Not only does it ensure that best traits are mentioned, but it saves the effort of composing an intro from scratch.

Finally, we never forget to show our gratitude to those who are helping us advance our careers. Even if the connection doesn’t produce immediate results, it’s still polite to say, “Thank You,” to anyone who helps us meet someone new. Sometimes an email or text is sufficient, but a hand-written note is more memorable.

Online networking is a simple way to expand your current contact list. Use these Nation United tips to make the most of your efforts, and follow us on [Facebook] for even more advice.