Reliable Tips for Productive Networking

Reliable Tips for Productive Networking

We often discuss the most effective networking strategies around the Nation United office. The more we talk about building our contact lists, the more we find that the simplest techniques tend to be the most productive. Here are a few basic methods we apply every time we attend a networking event of any kind.

Being our authentic selves might be the most important behavior we bring into a networking context. People want to know they’re dealing with genuine individuals when they’re adding to their networks, so it it’s best not to put on a false front. The whole idea, after all, is to build bonds based on shared trust.

We’re also sure to offer something of value before we ask for anything from our Nation United contacts. Whether it’s assistance on a certain project, an introduction to an existing connection, or a simple book suggestion, we make it our business to provide value first.

Telling interesting stories has also enhanced our networking efforts. We keep people talking by asking plenty of open-ended questions when we’re making new connections, but we always have a compelling anecdote ready to go as well. It’s important to stick in potential contacts’ minds, so we make a point of telling memorable stories whenever possible.

These methods have greatly aided our networking efforts. Check out the Nation United Newswire feed for more contacting tips.