Recognizing Three of the Firm’s High Achievers

Recognizing Three of the Firm’s High Achievers

Creating a culture that supports and empowers team members to achieve their career objectives is a Nation United passion. In fact, we feel our accomplishment-oriented environment is one of our defining characteristics. Individual accomplishments are encouraged and rewarded, while at the same time we work toward organizational objectives.

Three of our team members have truly embraced the Nation United opportunity, and have earned themselves recognition from none other than Abdullah, our Director of Operations. “Andre, Jarroll, and Bilal have great student mentalities, tremendous work ethic, and unshakeable positive attitudes,” he stated. “Not only does this translate into success in their current positions, but I look forward to seeing them take on greater roles in the future.”

Abdullah does more than just hope his top producers hone their skills. Many of the behaviors that great decision makers embody are part of the Nation United training program. For instance, we start teaching networking skills to our new recruits right away.

When we’re able to get the whole crew together, we encourage everyone to meet coworkers. This allows them to practice breaking the ice and maintaining a conversation with people they don’t know in a relaxed social setting.

After that, we take team members to events that give them access to some of the top leaders in our field. These are leaders from across the country, and the more time our next wave of managers spends with them, the more they learn about what it takes to lead.

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