Recognizing Steven M. for His Standard of Excellence

Recognizing Steven M. for His Standard of Excellence

This month, we wanted to highlight Steven M., our general manager, in our Nation United blog. Steven’s work ethic and outstanding performance help him stand out amongst his colleagues, so we are shining a spotlight on him and his goals.

Steven comes to us from the specialty retail industry, where he was the general manager of a café/fish market. He helped create recipes, design the kitchen layout, and build the dining room as well as provide superior customer service and quality products.

One of his strengths is his ability to build relationships with consumers. He also excels at helping new hires feel comfortable in both our Nation United office environment, and in the field. Perhaps most importantly though, Steven is able to retain knowledge quickly and accurately, and he pays attention to the details most people miss.

His big career goal is to manage his own satellite office in the next twelve months, an objective he is definitely on target to achieve. In the meantime, he plans to help at least five new associates become top performers in the office.

When asked what he enjoyed most about working here, he said it was the camaraderie. Everyone is willing to teach and learn from one another, making every victory for one person feel like a win for the whole team.

Steven firmly believes that if someone is passionate about what they do, then being the best will be the next logical step. Learn more about our talented and dedicated team members by liking Nation United on Facebook.