Recognizing One of Our Company’s Rising Stars

Recognizing One of Our Company’s Rising Stars

We work with ambitious, talented people, and enjoy celebrating personal and professional milestones with each other. We have several ways of recognizing one another’s accomplishments, ranging from thank-you cards and pats on the back to all-expenses-paid weekend conferences. This month, we’d like to shine our Nation United spotlight on one of our rising stars in this blog, and give her a chance to tell us about herself.

“I’m really excited to begin this next phase in my professional journey as part of the management team,” shared Dashawn, who was recently promoted to account manager. “This position requires effective leadership skills, because I will be responsible for training and directing a team of my own.”

When asked what she is proudest of so far in her Nation United career journey, Dashawn shared, “I have had to overcome a lot of fears and focus on building my self-confidence. I’ve had to learn how to think like a leader, not just act like one. This organization makes it easy though; there is a lot of camaraderie in our office. We all have each other’s back, no matter the situation.”

Dashawn shared some of her objectives with us too. “My short-term aims are to concentrate on building my team up and providing the best instruction I can. Helping underdogs exceed their own expectations is a gratifying experience. Then, I want to open up my own satellite headquarters somewhere and expand the firm’s territory.”

As a fun fact, Dashawn mentioned that she records pranks for her vlog. The reactions are so much fun to watch, she shared. Find out who earns a promotion next by liking Nation United on Facebook.