Why We Prioritize a Healthy Work Culture

Why We Prioritize a Healthy Work Culture

We put in 100 percent to serving our partners, which is why Nation United is committed to creating a positive and rewarding culture. There’s so much that we do on a daily and weekly basis to strengthen the bonds between our team members as well as show our appreciation for their work.

On any given week, you’ll find our crew heading out for one of our fun Nation United team nights. Whether it’s good conversation over a delicious meal or a rousing round of games, we’re enjoying each other’s company. We’re more productive thanks to the time we spend together outside of our office.

By investing in our work relationships, we see the following improvements:

• Better Communication: Getting to know one another in a social setting allows us to become more in touch with each other’s personalities. In turn, this helps to break down barriers and improve lines of communication.

• Increased Creativity and Problem Solving: When people are more comfortable together, they’re more likely to express creative ideas and offer solutions. They know that their input will be heard and welcomed by colleagues.

• Motivation: We recognize team members for weekly challenges, as well as every milestone new members hit along their professional journeys. This increases their motivation to reach for the next goal.
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