PRESS RELEASE: Nation United Team Members Head to Dallas for Conference

PRESS RELEASE: Nation United Team Members Head to Dallas for Conference

McLEAN, VA – Nation United’s President announced that select team members would be attending the quarterly leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. He also described why these events are important for professional development.

“These conferences offer so much benefit to those who are chosen to attend,” said Abdullah, Nation United’s President. “It’s good to see our people vie for the chance to go to one of these events as well.”

As Abdullah noted, the Nation United team members headed to the Dallas conference will engage in both learning and networking opportunities. “They’ll receive hands-on training from some of the most accomplished professionals in our industry,” he shared. “These individuals are the ones who know customer acquisitions and outreach campaigns inside and out, and they are enthusiastic about getting others on board to drive business growth for our national service partners.”

In addition to knowledge transfer, networking is a key component of this event that Abdullah stressed is critical to any associate’s long-term growth. “When we connect with people who share a common goal, in our case, delivering excellence in consulting and marketing services, we expand our horizons. Our professional networks are treasure chests that we can open any time we need someone to brainstorm with or someone to help us bridge a gap to the next opportunity.”

One of the highlights of the Dallas conference will be a recognition event in which executives who have gone the extra mile over the last few months are acknowledged for their achievements. “There’s nothing quite as motivating as being appreciated for what we do, and when it happens in front of peers from around the country, it’s even more special,” explained Abdullah.

Nation United’s President on the Conference-Training Connection

Abdullah noted that the Nation United associates selected for this quarter’s conference will be attending it for the first time. “I’m bringing three people with me who have been to one of these events before, so it will be exciting to watch their reactions and see how much knowhow they absorb,” he said.

“I like to think of this conference as an extension of our in-house training program,” Abdullah remarked. “It brings the learning experience full circle, because those who are going to Dallas have mastered the business basics and are now ready for the next level. They’ll get to witness the inner workings of the industry from a broader perspective and hopefully return with some fresh techniques they can apply here in our office.”

“Every chance we get to learn and grow is one we need to seize in my book,” Abdullah concluded. “No matter how many conferences I attend, seeing it from the fresh eyes of team members on the cusp of advancement renews my commitment to this industry and making sure we’re the best at what we do.”

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