The Networking – Public Speaking Connection

The Networking – Public Speaking Connection

Around Nation United’s HQ, we place a premium on developing strong relationship with others who will have a positive impact on our business and career advancement. Two skills that really help us in this regard are networking and public speaking. Both are considered art forms that we learn to perfect over time, and they go hand-in-hand.

What these skills have in common is mastering them requires knowing the audience and tailoring our messages for them. Whether we’re presenting on behalf of one of Nation United’s partners or mingling at a meet-and-greet event, we need to understand what matters to the person before us. This means taking time to conduct research so we have talking points that can further engage them in a conversation.

Another tie between public speaking and networking is learning to watch for both verbal and nonverbal cues that help us determine what direction we might go next. Posture, facial expressions such as smiles or frowns, and even eye contact can signal to us whether we are hitting on all cylinders.

Whenever we’re meeting with people, we should always listen for opportunities to add value as we build our relationships. By knowing what we bring to the table and tying that to what we’ve learned about our audiences, we can strengthen connections faster.

Committing these practices to our routines has bolstered our team members’ confidence, which has been a boon for our firm and the companies we represent. Follow Nation United on Twitter for more on how to present and network with ease.