Nation United Supports Career Advancement

Nation United Supports Career Advancement

What do you do during your lunch hour? At Nation United, our associates like to take a break from their daily assignments and engage in career development activities. Here are some things that will help you advance toward your professional aspirations:
Eat With a Coworker: Working toward a deadline is not the ideal way to get to know a colleague. Instead, use the lunch hour to relax and become acquainted. The next time a crisis occurs, you will be more willing to collaborate and overcome the challenge.

Meet With Your Team Members: If you are a manager, take your associates out for a social lunch. You will have an opportunity to understand each individual’s personal and professional goals. When your people know you are interested in their well-being, they will be more motivated to work for you.

Catch Up on Industry News: At Nation United, our associates like to keep up with the happenings in our field. Take time to read press releases, blogs, and other industry publications. When you are aware of your competition’s offerings, you will be more effective at your job.

Attend a Workshop: Many companies host lunchtime seminars and classes. Attend a workshop to learn a new skill, or volunteer to teach a capability you have recently acquired. If nothing is offered at your firm, take one of the free classes that are available online!

Instead of working through your lunch hour, use the time to focus on your career. Our experts at Nation United are confident this investment will generate significant benefits.