Nation United: Productive Coffee Meetings

“Let’s grab coffee” is a euphemism frequently used in the business world when two people are interested in furthering a relationship. Often, these meetings lead to better opportunities for those involved. Our Nation United experts suggest that in order to maximize your meetings, employ the following tactics:

  • Know What You Want (But Hold Your Cards): Even if you’re meeting with someone in a casual setting, you should still have an objective. Our Nation United pros recommend that you keep a goal in mind, without tipping your hat immediately. Instead, allow the conversation to unfold organically. Then the best time (if at all) to interject with your agenda will present itself.
  • Be Ready to Connect: The likeability factor is important here. Our Nation United associates propose that you do some advanced research to understand the other person’s interests. Pinpoint the areas in which you share mutual ground and subtly bring them into the conversation. Again, you want to be careful not to be too obvious in your efforts to build rapport, so look for natural openings.
  • Know When to Leave: One best practice is to exit when the person is still interested in the possibilities brought forth by the conversation. It gives you an opportunity to continue the dialogue in a follow-up discussion.

Remember, many success stories started over a simple cup of coffee. You just need to plan yours.