Nation United Associates Plan for Travel With Managers

Nation United Associates Plan for Travel With Managers

Though business travel is considered one of the ultimate Nation United incentives, it can include a unique set of stressors as well. For example, one of the most exciting rewards we qualify for are one of the all-expenses-paid leadership events or relaxation retreats. These are fantastic and entertaining and calming, except for one minor detail: we’re almost always traveling with at least one Nation United manager.

Don’t get us wrong: we have impressive relationships in our company, and the management team focuses on maintaining friendships with everyone in their crew. Still, we like to follow a few guidelines to make sure we don’t come across as too informal.

For starters, we dress at least somewhat professionally while traveling. Business casual is the norm – we save the flip flops for the beach. This is not only a method by which we make a good impression on anyone we may meet, but it also serves to remind us that we’re still working. We’re just in a different location.

Also, we let the senior team member set the pace for the trip. If she or he declares it’s time for a strategy session, we have one. If he or she is ready to call it a day, we head back to our rooms. This isn’t out of fear, but respect for the position and the wisdom we know he or she attained along the way.

By remembering that you’re still on the clock, no matter how much it may seem like a vacation, the Nation United team is certain that you’ll find traveling with a manager very agreeable.