Michael Earns the Company Spotlight

Michael Earns the Company Spotlight

In our Nation United workspace, excellent work performance is recognized and celebrated. This month, Michael, one of our account managers, has earned some time in our company spotlight. Abdullah, our firm’s President, explained that Michael demonstrates a top-flight work ethic and organizational skills every day on the job.

Michael brings diligence and a solid growth mind-set to his work. These two traits also helped him earn a bachelor’s degree in political science and history. Abdullah noted that Michael’s extensive experience as a field director has really propelled his role with Nation United. He also projects confidence, with charisma that will help him advance through the ranks quickly.

When asked about key traits that have fueled his success, Michael stated, “Some of my core values that stuck with me in my tough times are consistency, dependability, and perseverance. Showing your skills and potential in a favorable setting is easy. Showing them in tough times is where dedicated people come in. I wanted to show that I’m capable of getting the job done no matter the circumstances. Those three core values are what got me through challenges.”

Michael also explained that he has become much more confident since joining our team. He remarked, “This job has helped me perform better outside my comfort zone and boosted my confidence. My proudest accomplishment this year is getting promoted to account manager. Although I still have a ways to go in order to achieve my ultimate goal, I’m one step closer.”

We’re excited to watch Michael continue his professional climb. Follow his progress by liking Nation United on Facebook.