How to Make a Habit of Continual Learning

How to Make a Habit of Continual Learning

Continual learning is a Nation United value. We know that by feeding our minds with positive thoughts and current data we gain a competitive edge while also moving our careers forward at a faster pace.

One of our favorite ways to stay open-minded is through books. We may not be able to meet Jim Rohn or Stephen Covey, but we can study what they’ve written and let their wisdom be a guiding force in our lives. Magazines can serve the same purpose, as can podcasts and audiobooks. Many members of Team Nation United have a fondness for documentaries as well.

Along with reading and listening, we find conversation to be mentally stimulating. The ability to bounce ideas off trusted friends or colleagues helps us to refine our personal philosophies while gaining an understanding of other people’s positions.

Then, when we feel we’ve gained enough information in an area, we consider putting together speeches or presentations sharing what we’ve learned. The best way to remember something is to teach others, and the most effective way to establish oneself as a thought leader is to speak about a topic to an audience.

This three-fold process – take in information, consider and refine it with those we trust, and then share our knowledge with others – makes the process of continual learning effective and enjoyable.