How to Kick-Start Your Career

How to Kick-Start Your Career

Whether you just graduated from college or you’ve been in your current position for a few years, you may find yourself thinking about the best way to kick-start your career. When you’re considering your next move forward, you can use the same strategy you’d use at any goal-planning session. Take the time to think and plan about the best way to move your career forward and then take some steps to make it happen. Here’s the process Nation United team members use:

• Think About Your Goals: Before you start blindly pursuing the next promotion or opportunity, think about your long-term goals. If you know what you want to do, you can then be strategic about making career moves and finding opportunities that support your endeavors. If you want to move up, you could start looking for ways to build leadership skills. If you want to move into a different industry, you could start networking and finding connections into that industry.

• Solicit Advice: Nation United team members have access to great mentors assigned to us, so we know exactly who to go to to solicit advice about our next steps. A good mentor will have ideas on the steps you need to take to put your plans into action and may also have some insight into areas you had not considered.

• Start Your Plan: Once you’ve made a solid plan, take the first step. Every goal can seem overwhelming if you don’t break it down into small action items. Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Schedule some time to research options in your area, make a to-do list of people in your network who may have some insight, and review the community calendar to find upcoming events. These simple steps will seem less overwhelming than thinking of the destination alone.

Kick-starting your career means taking control of the direction it’s going and taking steps to make sure you continue to move forward. Follow Nation United on Facebook for more on career advancement and professional development.