Highlighting Doneisha for Her Impact on Our Team

Highlighting Doneisha for Her Impact on Our Team

Each month we choose a team member (or more than one) to highlight in our Nation United blog for their outstanding performance at work. This month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on Doneisha, one of our account managers.

Before joining Team Nation United, Doneisha was a research interviewer. She identified contacts and talked to research study participants by phone to obtain data for research projects. This background is certainly paying off for her, as one of her duties with our firm is to edit completed interview questionnaires for thoroughness, legibility, and accuracy – almost an extension of the work she was doing.

According to Doneisha, her top three strengths are being goal oriented, versatile, and determined. These traits laid the foundation for her promotion to account manager and will definitely support her efforts in reaching her next career goal, which is assistant manager.

While traveling her career path, Doneisha also looks for ways to help her colleagues develop themselves. It’s not enough for her to be a great manager; she wants to create an entire team of business leaders with whom she can dominate the marketing field.

When asked what she thought was the best part of being on our team, she said growth. A lot of companies aren’t as focused on helping executives achieve their potential as we are, according to Doneisha, and the improvements she sees in herself every day are outstanding.

Congratulations again to Doneisha for her promotion and for earning this month’s highlight. See who we recognize next by following Nation United on Twitter.