How to Gather Productive Career Feedback

How to Gather Productive Career Feedback

When you have the advantage of honest feedback, it’s easier to make progress toward long-term professional goals. That’s certainly been our experience around the Nation United office, which is why we put the following strategies to good use in eliciting the input we need to advance our careers.

We begin by asking the right types of questions, so we steer clear of those that can be answered with just one word. Open-ended queries give us the information we really need, so we pose them to colleagues, supervisors, and respected peers to learn more about our own talents.

When we receive praise from someone we respect, we take the positive vibes and run with them. We’ve found that positive notes give us extra motivation to improve even further. Knowing exactly what we’re doing well gives us the confidence to tackle new challenges using our unique abilities.

Around the Nation United office, we’ve also learned that we have to carve out time for gathering the feedback we need to push our careers forward. We’re careful to schedule sessions for specific times, and then to thank those who provide input for their valuable time. Being as accommodating as possible means we’re better positioned to receive helpful tips in the future as well.

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