Feel Confident at Your Next Interview With These Tips

Feel Confident at Your Next Interview With These Tips

When it comes to interview success, communication is crucial. The ability to effectively convince the person with whom you’re speaking that you’re the best fit for the position is vital. These are some Nation United interview tips that our hiring managers would like potential team members to know:

• Aim for a Strong First Impression: We realize that first impressions aren’t always correct, but they’re also very difficult to forget. It’s in the interviewee’s best interest to consider what sort of initial impression they’re making with their clothing choice, introduction, handshake, etc.

• Practice Speaking Clearly and Confidently: Confidence is key when interviewing (as it is in most things). We recommend roleplaying the interview with a friend or colleague so that you can hear how you sound when you answer a question. Also, listen for, “Umm,” and, “Like,” trying to avoid them entirely.

• Smile: Smiling actually serves two very useful functions. It conveys to the interviewer that you are friendly and at ease, both qualities that are welcome in our Nation United company culture. Also, when we smile our bodies produce chemicals that make us feel more relaxed.

• Tell Stories: Use this tip with care – not every question deserves a long tale. When the chance arises though, an appropriate story will provide a way to make you more interesting to your hiring manager.

Whether you’re meeting with us or someone else, these interview tips will help you make a favorable impression with a hiring manager.