PRESS RELEASE – Nation United to Expand Into Alexandria; Hiring Ongoing

PRESS RELEASE – Nation United to Expand Into Alexandria; Hiring Ongoing

MCLEAN, VA – Nation United is poised to expand into the Alexandria region. The company’s President discussed the plans for this new territory and announced that they will be seeking new people to join their growing team.

As Abdullah, Nation United’s President, noted, this is an exciting time for the team as they have more opportunities to demonstrate their skills and prowess in customer acquisitions. The firm’s success in the McLean region is why they have grown to this next level and are primed to take on new challenges.

For members of Team Nation United, each new territory signals a chance for hard workers to advance. The company is a firm believer in promotions from within, which is why they are always on the cusp of their next new market opening.

What gives Nation United a distinct edge with their effective outreach campaigns is the intensive training and coaching all associates receive. It begins with their immersive onboarding process and continues with ongoing learning activities both within and outside of the office. By establishing a foundation for each person to gain skills and knowledge at his or her own pace, everyone is poised to reach their fullest potential.

Nation United President Announces Hiring Initiatives Underway in Advance of Expansion

Abdullah stated that with the Alexandria territory expansion, Nation United’s team will grow. He is currently seeking candidates who are natural-born leaders and hungry for success.

What defines an ideal applicant according to Abdullah is his or her own eagerness to learn and try new things. The firm has a comprehensive education program, so he hopes every new associate takes advantage of the professional development opportunities available to them.

Cultural fit is another hiring factor that the recruitment team considers heavily. Because the firm’s executives are their greatest assets, finding people who share the same values and traits becomes mission critical. Integrity, positivity, and a non-stop quest for excellence top the list of must-have traits.

For those candidates who do meet expectations and are invited to join Team Nation United, the possibilities are endless. Each person embarks on a career journey that is centered on his or her unique strengths and interests. From there, they’ll work alongside coaches to develop their skills and, as they master tasks, they’ll be afforded chances to move up to the next level. Those who perform their best and reach goals are rewarded for their efforts in many ways, from promotions to trips and more.

As Abdullah concluded, his team is primed to dominate the Alexandria market and continue to grow the firm’s outreach success.

About Nation United:

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