Essential Techniques for Persuasive Public Speaking

Essential Techniques for Persuasive Public Speaking

Giving presentations is a key element of the Nation United customer acquisition methodology. We teach our people how to make highly effective pitches to varied audiences. Many professionals can benefit from further honing their speaking skills. Here are a few essential techniques that will empower you to give more persuasive presentations:

State the Purpose: At the beginning of your presentation, clearly and concisely explain why you are giving it. Stating the purpose of the talk will capture the audience’s attention. As with any pitch, presentations are all about what you have to offer.

Know the Audience: Every Nation United campaign starts with understanding the audience. This same idea will make presentations stronger. If you know the people who are listening, you will be able to tailor the message to their wants and needs.

Provide Helpful Materials: Visual aids and reading materials can make your talk clearer. However, a minimalist approach is almost always best. Emphasize your most important points with images, graphs, and bullet points.

Finish With a Request: Chances are your talk is intended to result in some action. You may be trying to sell something or promote a cause you care about. The simplest way to get a listener to act is to ask them to do so.

Leverage these methods the next time you speak publicly to be more effective. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter