Congratulations Marie on Your Successful Internship

Congratulations Marie on Your Successful Internship

We enjoy the chance to recognize our talented, hard-working teammates. This month, Abdullah wants to make sure that one of our Nation United interns, Marie, enjoys center stage.

“Marie was able to learn many things during her internship with us this summer. It was a great opportunity for her and she told me that it helped her learn to have a positive attitude and not cut corners. We enjoy having interns come in and learn from our team members – sharp students looking for real-world experience are always welcome here.”

While our internship program provides students with education and experience, we reap several benefits as well. Perhaps the most important is that, through our internship program, we’re able to identify and train the brightest professionals before they’ve even finished college.

Then, once the internship is completed, we have the option to offer a full-time position to any or all of our students once they’ve graduated. Not only do they already know their ways around the Nation United office, we’ve established that they’re good fits for our culture and know how to achieve the results for which we’re looking. However, even if they decide to go in different directions, we still have the satisfaction of knowing we gave young professionals the tools they’ll need to succeed in the business world.

Congratulations to Marie – we know that you have a very bright future ahead of you!