Coaches Are Just One of Our Competitive Advantages

Coaches Are Just One of Our Competitive Advantages

One of the advantages we provide as part of our Nation United training program is mentorship. From day one with our company, we assign our new team members to a coach that is excited about guiding them through every stage of their career journeys. This hands-on training, combined with workshops, seminars, and other educational opportunities, ensures that our associates have access to all the information they need to achieve success in our industry.

All our experienced trainers started in entry-level positions with our team, so they have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to make it at Nation United. They understand the challenges facing professionals in our industry and know when to steer a person clear of a potential roadblock – or when to let someone work something out for themselves.

To make the most of what a mentor can provide, we suggest team members keep a couple things in mind. First off, mentees should be open to the idea of having a mentor. This includes keeping time in our schedules so we can meet with our coaches, and welcoming his or her feedback.

Also, associates should take the time to clearly define their goals. Without a specific destination in mind, it’s very difficult for a mentor to point someone in the right direction.

These are two of the tips we give to help our team members get the most from their coaches. Learn more about our commitment to training and development by liking Nation United on Facebook.