We’re Celebrating Two Promotions: Daivon and Tariq

We’re Celebrating Two Promotions: Daivon and Tariq

It’s promotion time in our Nation United office. Two of our team members were recently promoted to leadership roles for their outstanding performance. We are celebrating Daivon and Tariq on their accomplishments.

“Daivon and Tariq have demonstrated what it takes to advance at Nation United,” said Abdullah, our President. “They are both going to be exceptional leaders because they have the attitude and ambition to go the distance in everything they do.”

One of the factors that set Daivon and Tariq apart is their desire to grow in their careers with Nation United. Each took full advantage of the resources available for professional development. “From training to ongoing learning and networking opportunities, there are so many tools at our people’s disposal,” said Abdullah. “These gentlemen seized on the chance to create a satisfying career here and their future is unlimited.”

“Our mission is to help each of our people follow the career path they desire,” Abdullah continued. “People like Daivon and Tariq who come here with a determination to learn and grow do well with our company. Each of us who have been promoted to leadership roles succeeded because we were open to new knowledge and developing great skills. Attitude is everything when it comes to having a great career.”

Our team is always on the move. Check out our Newswire to see who gets promoted next.