You Can Boost Your Brain Power When You Do This

You Can Boost Your Brain Power When You Do This

Tips on how to boost our individual brain power have become a common discussion in our Nation United office. Collectively and individually, we want to strengthen our decision-making and critical-thinking skills. We’ve identified a few practices that can really help us along the way:

” Write By Hand: Of course, in today’s technology-driven society, it’s more common for people to type or use an app to take notes or create lists. However, as we recently learned through our Nation United meetings, sometimes taking notes by hand can help us absorb information better. There’s something about writing out what we’re learning or want to do that cements it to our brains faster.

” Do Pre-Mortems: We’re familiar with post-mortems, or exercises that we might do after a project is complete to learn from both the successes and weaknesses of the experience. Pre-mortems can improve our chances for achieving our goals. What this entails is listing out the possible obstacles to success that we might encounter and the solutions we can use. It’s a proactive approach.

” Just Have an Idea: So many people believe that they should only propose an idea if they are sure it’s a good one. In our Nation United brainstorming sessions, we remind people that no idea is a bad one. Even the seemingly craziest notions might lead to real success when they’re thoroughly fleshed out.

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