Brandon’s Well-Deserved Promotion

Brandon’s Well-Deserved Promotion

We’re always happy to put our team members in the spotlight when they realize their advancement goals. That’s the case for Brandon, who was recently promoted to an account management role with Nation United. Abdullah, our company’s President, explained, “Brandon brings a positive attitude to every new challenge. I have no doubt that he will continue to help us raise the bar for our company and for our national service partners.”

Before joining Team Nation United, Brandon was involved in several extracurricular pursuits as a college student. He stated, “I was part of the College of Business Diversity Council, which is something that still inspires me. I also played a variety of intramural sports.”

Since being elevated to an account manager position, Brandon has begun teaching new additions to our team. This is one area in which his positive mind-set proves beneficial. He remarked, “Our company culture is all about supporting each other. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by likeminded people who are willing to help teammates reach lofty goals.”

Brandon’s short-term aims include becoming even more consistent in his performance and paving the way for his future coworkers. In the longer term, he wants to become the CEO of his own company, and lead with the principles of ethics and integrity that have marked his success here. When he’s not on the job, Brandon enjoys watching sports, finding new shows on Netflix, and lifting in the weight room.

We’re excited to watch Brandon continue on his career path. Follow his progress by liking Nation United on Facebook.